Spark that Passion


Whenever I watch inspiring documentaries or read moving autobiographies, I wonder how certain people  go about pushing themselves in the direction toward skill or greatness. What is the motivation behind pursuing a dream, a talent or  an art? How do we thrust ourselves into our passions and not look back?

I’ve always said that if I were to feel that burning passionate fire I’ve felt in the past, then I’d have no problem pursuing it with great devotion. In this season of my life, I wonder what I should choose to dive into, and I am wondering that if in doing so, that burning fire will follow. Since there is not one “thing” that I am feeling that if I didn’t do it, I would really be selling myself short- I am going to let it build in the small things. After all the only way to create a fire is by friction, right?

I feel passion through many things and places, the best of which lately are small extractions  of “happy”. They feed me. I know we weren’t put on this earth to just exist and  that’s why we must dabble in the many opportunities given to us to find beauty and passion in. In my case, a morning’s walk on the beach aligns my thoughts usually. It’s good to create that space in our day (preferably at the start) so that we can feel open to saying yes to the small, doable things. I took classical ballet for  about eight years and ever since, this outlet always fills me up with  unexplained feelings I can’t get through anything else. So I asked myself why I am not dancing, once a week right now? I came up with a long list in a few short minutes, the first being that I am not AT ALL as flexible as I once was. In these reasons/excuses I am selling myself short, because who knows. It might just what I am missing from my life that I can have back if I just say yes to. Since having kids and travel has become more expensive and, well, stressful- it’s easy to be okay without saving and planning for that trip even if it’s next summer. In this case, I won’t get to experience fulfilling this passion for travel (I call it the travel bug) that I was born with. With kids or without, I can save $20 per week and hunt the web for some cheap air fare.Save for an air bnb, and jet-set with my mini’s.

We were gifted a passionate life, but it’s up to us to lead it.

If you are missing that thing that you used to feel fervor over,  un-bury it. Search your soul for it, make it come alive in the smallest of things. In doing so, I think that we are setting the sparks for a rumbling blaze.





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