Life Lately

Life Lately







Here and there and everywhere! Whew- these little girls keep me busy. At the moment we are all in the same room, so I kind of feel like they are my tentacles or something. These clingy-grabby bodies. Get off, thanks.

I’ll be 29 in a few days, and after hearing about how my friend’s “29th year of life was just extraordinary because she succeeded in  her goal of climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro.” Ain’t nothing like someone’s extraordinary  endeavors during their birthday month to make you feel lame. But to start it out with that mindset, that huge goal and knocking it off your “last-year-of-my-twenties” bucket list. Creating opportunity to do the things that make you feel alive…you know, before you become a real adult. I want to look back and think how awesome my twenty ninth year of was.

**I just envisioned myself and cracked up at the thought of me, in hiking gear, with Izzy in the backpack. Winded, sweaty and hot. See, I can’t even get away from them in my daydreams! 

As of now, the free-spirited me is grounded in the duties of mom. These all-consuming little leeches  are so precious to me, yet drive me into corners on the daily. Oh, and the energy! People always say that boys are more “spirited” and hyper than girls but I beg to differ. Unless I just have no clue so that is why God gifted me girls. Or, wanted to make me more active.

Now, time to Google “30 Awesome things to do before you’re 30” and map out an adventure.




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