Make it Count

It’s that nostalgic time of year again. When I start feeling all the feels from years back.

Life in the Midwest liked to remind me, that even for a Cali girl, seasons do (in fact) exist.

And that they change in the snap of a finger.

I can still feel how the Midwestern air bit the second I got outside, how it felt icy in my lungs. I remember the feeling of white powder crunching under my feet. No- I do not miss having to scrape my windshield or walk my dog in below zero temps, but I will forever look back on that time with heaps of the strongest of memories that time in my life–

shivers and all.  


Life feels a lot differently on the west side of the country, and not just because the sun still burns hot and bright in the month of October. It’s because I am digging into collections of Halloween decorations from last year and the year before, and I am looking at a container  scribbled in sharpie with my writing “Halloween Decorations,” and I am remembering how it felt as a kid to open them up for the holidays and decorate with my own mother.

And now, I am her.

I am the person whose writing is on bins filled with Santa Claus’, spiderwebs and Easter eggs. I am the one who gets to help create memories that someday will be banked and recollected with that strong feeling of homesickness for something that was once so great, a memory you want to re- live over again and again even if you might have been shivering. I am lucky to look back on so many things in my life with such affection, I want my kids to be able to do the same.

Life moves us from one season to the next sometimes with ice and other times with the sun.

Right now we’re creating memories that have the potential of lasting a lifetime.

I want to make them count.











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