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I have to say, I definitely over-did it on sucking all I could out of the Christmas season this year. And when it is over, I think that my hormones must plummet and I want nothing to do with it anymore. Get that tree out! Put that elf away! Turn that music OFF! Please, let  me hide away under my covers until the new year!

With Izzy on the brink of turning two in just five days time, I feel the “terrible two’s” are coming right on schedule. I won’t get into how I can’t put her into the cart at the grocery store because she won’t sit (the girl is strong and stubborn!) I won’ts spill the details on how much I love/hate Peppa Pig or how HARD IT IS WEANING A STUBBORN TODDLER. They say that breastfeeding is great- which it is…until you reach a certain point and your chest area turns into something not of this world anymore with scratch marks to prove it. Needless to say, while I am proud of myself for reaching my goal of breastfeeding for two years (it has dwindled down extraordinary so- now just a means for comfort) I am so ready to have my body back. No hands grabbing at me, pinching my nipples, sucking the very life from my being! I am so ready for that chapter to be over and done with.

With that rant over, terrible two’s are just another season in this whole ‘child rearing’ thing, and it is obvious to me that the older kids get, the harder parenting is. Lila (who will be turning five in a few short months...WAIT, WHAT!?) has also been testing me to extreme levels. Let’s just say I need to work on some breathing exercises. I don’t think parenting classes could hurt.

Other than the wow’s and woe’s of parenting and feeling tired from my efforts, spent from the demands and tired from tug and pull of life- a new year is among us. I’m excited about it because I’m all about clean slates and setting goals to become a better me, and most importantly, a better mom.



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