Welcoming a New Year!








What are you plans for the New Year?
Are they to be better organized, to lose weight, to create healthy boundaries?

I’m feeling a little more ‘grown up’ as this year closes, and another one begins. Perhaps its because I’m a little more independent now, maybe because I’ve been a mom for nearly five years and I’ve changed so much over this time. Or, maybe it’s because I’m nearly 30 and nature is taking its course and I am finally understanding who I am and where I am meant to be.

I have a couple of big things that I want to accomplish this year. One that I’ve been working on for a while now is completing my AA degree. This coming semester I will only need to complete one science class and one math, and then I should (FINALLY) hold my Associate’s degree in Liberal Arts! For me, deciding on a career path has been one of the hardest things I feel a person can decide on. How do you decide when you can be anything you want?! I’ve realized that you have to just make a decision. Jump into something that you feel you’d be good at, or that at least you feel would inspire you. So , I’ve finally made my decision to begin training as a Doula! A Doula is (usually a woman) who assists another women in birth. The word is of Greek origin meaning “women’s servant.” Since having my own children, I learned exactly what I did and did not want after my experiences. Unfortunately, both of my birthing events went different than I had anticipated. I realized just how important it is to have someone by your side for support and comfort through one of the most difficult yet marvelous events of your life as a woman! And since I’ve accompanied many live births throughout my lifetime already, I know that I am comfortable and capable. The training requires a three-day workshop, as well as required reading materials. After I’ve completed the training, I will need to complete 27 hours in the labor room assisting another seasoned Doula. I am really excited about this career choice. I am not sure how exactly it will work out since I have young children and labor can happen anytime day or night and last (sometimes) days- I guess those are logistics I will work out! I begin training in February, and I am really looking forward to it.

Goodbye 2016… Hello New Year!



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