Life Lately


I have successfully weaned my 24 month old, as I said I would.  I am completely overwhelmed with the feeling of freedom that I have, I forgot what it’s like not having to share your body with anyone! What’s nice about weaning a toddler is that they know what you are talking about, so when you say “no more boo” definitely expect a tantrum. Since she was so used to nursing before nap and bed (and progressively throughout the night!) the weaning process was a little bit hard because it would interrupt her sleep schedule. Luckily, her Dad was able to help out and actually had her overnight for a couple of days in a row. We talked to her to prepare her that there would be no more because she was a big girl now, and she would accept it (until it was time for sleep!)

There were a few rough days where she would cry and fuss and throw tantrums and I honestly just wanted to give in so that we could all sleep, but here we are over a week of no more breastfeeding! She understands now that she can’t have it (though she still likes to touch, haha.)

What to do with my new found freedom… I do not know!


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