My name is Jenna, welcome to my Journal!

I sometimes find myself experiencing mid-life crises, having to “rig” almost everything I own, and catch myself staring at people to the point of becoming overly obvious and blatantly rude. I have promised myself to lead a life that will never be boring, mundane, predictable or safe. I am the biggest dreamer, I judge myself too harshly, and haven’t figured out how to settle down.  I am determined to find joy in the smallest moments of life, and to live more simply. I have a heart for people, and a passion for travel.  I am a newly single momma of two girls Lila and Izzy. They have certainly changed things, but  I wouldn’t have it any other way (or would I??:)

I’ve been an avid blogger for a few years now, but with some changes in my life I’ve decided to start from a new platform. If you care to read my archives, you can visit my old blog here

Thanks for following along.